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Pivotal Moments offers a variety of coaching packages tailored to meet your needs.

These last few years, it’s clear that one thing’s for certain: change is inevitable. With our unprecedented times—both positive and negative—we face unique challenges and uncover new opportunities that can change the trajectory of our lives and careers. Those who embrace the mindset that they have the power to shape their futures despite uncertainty are the ones who will pivot and flourish no matter what’s thrown at them.

Our Packages



Sprint Package

  • Bi-monthly targeted coaching to help you:

    • Clarify your top challenge(s)​

    • Identify a set of intentions and actions you will take to drive change

    • Develop structures & tools to help you drive accountability

  • Completion session to sustain learning


Launch Strong

Career Transition Package

  • Hogan personality assessment

  • Four coaching sessions focused on:

    • What are my top motivators?

    • What do I truly want and why?

    • What are my possible paths?

    • What risks will I take to grow?

Image by Steven Lelham


Advanced Package

  • In addition to what's offered in our 90-DAY Sprint Package, you will receive:

    • 3 additional months of coaching

    • Unlimited texts/calls on a "just in time" needed basis in between coaching

    • Hogan personality assessment

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