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About Amy

Strategic Adviser. Coach. Thought Partner.

Amy Robinson is the Founder of Pivotal Moments, an executive coaching and consulting business designed to empower leaders to expand their impact and influence. Amy is especially passionate about coaching high-achieving executives, rising executives, and first-time Heads of HR. Leveraging her experience as a former exec, she's dedicated to helping others succeed and advance into higher levels of leadership. She has a proven ability to help her clients increase self-awareness, build skills, and gain the clarity to navigate through the pressure and stress of growth.

Amy specializes in blending neuroscience, performance science, and adult learning into her coaching practice. As an executive advisor and coach, Amy helps clients uncover strengths and see the pattern of diminishing thoughts, behaviors, and actions that may be limiting their leadership impact. She often takes a hybrid approach by blending traditional executive coaching with “just-in-time advice," providing her clients with tools and frameworks that enable them to get unstuck quickly so they can elevate their game and have greater levels of influence.  

Prior to establishing Pivotal Moments Consulting, Amy was an executive in high-growth technology companies across both the private and public sectors. As a former Chief People Officer, Amy has two decades of experience coaching executives, as well as mentoring and coaching high potential leaders. 

Amy is focused on
who can perform under pressure and recover quickly when knocked off course.



CPCC - Coactive Professional Certified Coach 

CNTC - Certified NeuroTransformational Coach (in process)

The Leadership Circle 360

 Collective Leadership Assessment 

Linkage AWL 

Hogan Assessment 

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