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Executive Team

A company is only as strong as those leading it, and businesses can’t accelerate without leadership advancing in lock step. To be effective in the demanding, fast-paced workplace of today, an organization needs to rely on its collective executive team to align on vision and execution, be confident in their approach, and stay nimble when facing backbreaking pressure. Through customized team coaching, your executive team can go from good to great.

By teaching teams to work together to

be strong and creative,

they can perform under pressure and recover quickly when knocked off course.

Our Approach

Using the latest adult development and neuroscience research, Amy crafts customized programs that focus on both the individual and team level. Here’s a sampling of how:

  • Administer a 360-degree leadership assessment to gauge individual effectiveness

  • Review the group profile to evaluate overall executive team effectiveness

  • Facilitate group coaching sessions on a regular cadence to build new skills and habits 

  • Develop a playbook that enables the team to sustain peak performance over time


  • Accelerates a company’s ability to build a world-class leadership team that gets results

  • Integrates science-backed tools and research to the art of leadership, cutting down time and expenses to develop teams

  • Creates a consistent approach to drive performance and leadership effectiveness

  • Boosts performance, morale, energy, and efficiency across the team

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