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For CEOs and Heads of HR, now more than ever, it’s crucial to set up your business in a nimble and sustainable way. With so many competing priorities, you know it's imperative to identify which are the most important talent challenges and opportunities to focus on, or which distractions seem urgent but are sucking away precious time, money, and resources from the more vital areas of the business you want your leaders focused on.

Working as a trusted advisor, Amy partners with HR leaders and CEOs to understand the problems her clients are facing and provide solutions that will work in their culture.  Amy is often asked to conduct an organizational assessment to look across people, process and systems to accurately pinpoint the areas requiring further investment to scale.  As a consultant and advisor, Amy listens shares her experience and provides direction, acting as a catalyst to accelerate the growth of her clients and their companies.

In the face of incredible pressure,

augmenting your existing HR team with a trusted strategic adviser

will allow them to make good judgment calls and smart decisions, 


freeing you up to focus on other areas of the business. 



Our Approach

Working as a trusted adviser, Amy partners with first time HR leaders and CEOs to prioritize the right people investments at the right time.  She understands the problems her clients are facing and provides immediate, practical solutions and advice.  By listening, sharing her experience and providing direction, she serves as a catalyst to accelerate the growth of her clients and their companies.


Amy's expertise can help HR leaders and CEOs with the following:














  • Executive hiring

  • Org design

  • Exec team best practices

  • Change management

  • Talent acquisition

  • Cultural assimilation

  • And more

  • Employee engagement

  • Performance management

  • Leadership development

  • Internal communications

  • Pre-IPO planning

  • M&A best practices

  • And more


  • With a trusted adviser partnering with existing Head of HR, you’ll be free to focus on pressing Product and GTM issues knowing that the people side of the house is covered


  • Improved strength and speed of communications to the team through communications and change management counsel

  • HR leader is supported by a trusted HR adviser to help make sound decisions in a time of increasing complexity and uncertainty

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