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In today’s disruptive-driven economy, new and rising leaders may not be equipped with the knowledge and skills demanded of them. Often being thrust into unprecedented, high-pressure scenarios, each decision counts. Through mentor coaching and traditional executive coaching, we steer leaders through major twists so they can handle both today and tomorrow’s challenges with greater confidence and ease.

Leaders need space to

breathe and grow their leadership


so they can be ready (not passed over) for the next big job.

Our Approach

Amy works with her clients to assess their current level of impact, broaden perspective, build skills, and achieve their goals.  Executives often benefit from coaching support to elevate their game in the following areas:


  • Setting compelling vision to inspire and engage others

  • Leading with intention vs. reacting to competing demands

  • Delegating to build capability, empower others and gain leverage

  • Managing energy for the challenges that leadership brings

  • Effectively engaging in conflict and recovering when triggered

  • Becoming more courageous and decisive in the face of pressure 

  • Improving executive presence and amplifying one's voice

  • Cultivating relationship currency to gain power and influence


  • Help leaders make smarter choices and design their days to have “gas in the tank” to handle urgent challenges

  • Provide you the opportunity to invest in key leaders during a time of disruption and pullback, saving you time to focus on other important business areas

  • Having a trusted advisor and coach supporting your leaders through decision-making and day-to-day operational challenges, giving them the skills to handle pressure

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