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Founder CEO Coaching

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Working as a trusted adviser for Founder CEOs, Amy guides leaders on the most strategic organizational and leadership matters. She offers counsel on organizational development and proactively prepares CEOs and their teams for challenges associated with various stages of growth. In parallel, Amy also provides executive coaching to Founder CEOs, helping them transform into the leaders they need to become to lead at scale effectively.

Amy is committed to

helping Founder CEOs thrive


and maximize their impact.

Our Approach

Amy collaborates with Founder CEOs to devise proactive strategies that optimize their team’s ability to prepare for anticipated growth. Through a series of hands-on coaching and problem-solving sessions, Amy enables clients to think ahead and avoid common pitfalls, helping them prepare their organizations to scale with greater ease.

She provides guidance in the following areas:

  • Prioritized HR roadmap

  • Organizational design

  • Executive hiring and assimilation

  • Leadership development

  • Pre-IPO compensation practices

  • Advice on day to day operational issues


Amy's direct and practical approach empowers clients to achieve breakthroughs and elevate their game quickly.

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